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Cogeneration is the tandem generation of electricity and some form of useful thermal energy. Also known as Combined Heat & Power (CHP), it provides a continuous stream of electricity and hot water.

By controlling their energy needs, businesses will realize:

  • substantially reduced energy costs of heat and electricity
  • improved power quality

Cogeneration is the production of two or more forms of energy from a single fuel source. In the case of MicroGen units, electricity and heating are the energy products produced from a single fuel source such as #2 oil, biodiesel, or other renewable fuels. Since both the electricity and thermal energy are applied to meeting a facility's energy requirements, efficiencies far in excess of utility-provided power can be obtained, making cogeneration a more efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly source of power.

Existing systems can interface with the co-generation unit, utilizing waste heat for heating. Existing systems can run independently from the co-generation unit providing protection from failures.

Cogeneration is a well-proven technology. Its long-term future in the global energy markets is secured by its ability to provide a multitude of operational, environmental and financial benefits. In the current economic climate, now is the ideal time to invest in cogeneration.

MicroGen cogeneration units offer the best of both worlds. Cogeneration handles the base load and the electrical utility covers the rest, providing:

  • Best economics
    The co-generation system runs at maximum efficiency with a consistent load. The utility makes up any transient need above the baseline.
  • Improved reliability
    By running in parallel, the co-generation system and the utility grid back each other up. Your business is protected from failures of the co-generation system by the utility company.

Being able to count on your power is critical to today's businesses. Our cogeneration units are designed to deliver continuous-duty prime power. Utilizing industrial engines with proven technologies, our units are inherently reliable and low maintenance. Our onboard, proprietary microprocessor control system constantly monitors all performance parameters, making real-time adjustments for operating conditions and calling home in the event of any discrepancy.

Efficiency is critical for economical cogeneration performance. Our reciprocating engines have proven to have industry-leading efficiencies and our 1800-rpm (1500-rpm for 50 Hz) electrical AC generators convert nearly every single horsepower into usable kilowatts. An extensive use of heat recovery ensures that overall cogeneration efficiency is maximized, with total efficiencies up to and over 90%.


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